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Old Yellow Rose

Softly her petals descend to Mother Earth
As a tear gently rolls down her sunlit cheek.
Dew kissed soil spreads for glorious birth
As beneath the ground a sprout begins to peek.

A blustering breeze confidently grabs hold
Lifting her body and soul to higher ground.
Budding beauty below begins to unfold
For this old rose a resting place has been found.

Replaced by a blossom, but not discarded
Placed eternally on a friendship page.
Flowering twig shall by an angel be guarded
This old yellow rose, a mothering sage.
2001 Ruth Norman

Old Yellow Rose Poem Dedicated To

When the time came to change logos...
Well, I just couldn't delete that Old Yellow Rose!
The poem above is my tribute to her,
Angel A Bit O' Sunshine will watch over
The Old Yellow Rose
And she can watch over the new li'l blossom.


A Bit O' My Poetry   abitosunshine

"Crying Rose"
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