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An afternoon outing, inland from the sea
Sharing treasured moments along the way,
We took the time together just for you and me
Yielding a few hours of obligations held at bay.

We talked of days gone by, all but a memory
Things we'd said and done, dreams gone awry
And as we drove along, it was the scenery
Giving us the strength to continue on and try.

For when we looked beyond the flat horizon
The sky above was indeed a sight to behold.
Stirring our faith rather than our notion of Zen
Enlightenment of oneness began to unfold.

The heavens appeared to be ready to burst
Heralding a message of thunderous import.
We'd already weathered conditions of the worst
Now it was time our state of anxiety to abort.

Off in the distance where the earth meets the sky
Hidden in the symbolism of clouds superimposed,
We heeded the gift we felt delivered from on high
Answers to our unasked questions were disclosed.

As an array of insight descended upon our love
Our future united in Him was very much alive.
Beheld in a glorious display sent from up above
Hope was discovered anew on that afternoon drive.

2002 Ruth Norman

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"A Vision In The Sky" poem & photo 2002 Ruth Norman