Citizens Unite!
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I am proud to be a citizen of the
United States of America
The poem below was written by me.
Written for you and for me.
A plea to all citizens of these united states...

...May we be honorable citizens...
May we make ourselves worthy of our country.
May we make ourselves worthy of our service men and women.
May we never take them for granted!
...May we make them proud of us...
Proud to serve this country for our freedom.
Proud to have given their lives for you and for me!

Citizens Unite!
As the sun rises to meet the clouds above
Glorious in the sky as a soaring dove,
Not all are peaceful in their plight.
I call to you, citizens unite!

Across the horizon a forest burns.
In a run down house a hungry child yearns.
A battered woman cries out in the night.
I beg of you, citizens unite!

A stray cat runs across a litter-strewn lawn.
Life to the homeless, just another dawn.
A man with cancer his battle to fight.
I ask of you, citizens unite!

A young child loses his father to divorce.
A terrorist attack against a powerful force.
A fallen soldier seeks God in the light.
I pray to you, citizens unite!

Still the fear, extend a helping hand.
Share your concerns, take a stand.
These are but a few of our causes to fight.
My plea to you, citizens unite!
2001 Ruth Norman

In Tribute To
The military families of these
United States of America

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