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A Bit O' My Poetry
The poems I write are words from my heart.
Some have been written for fun and friendship...
...some you will need to grab a tissue as you read them.
These are the pages of my life...enJOY!

A Child Is Born
Citizens Unite!
In Memory Of Michael
Internal Fires
Shine On In Memory
Old Yellow Rose
Sunlit Path Of Friendship
Forever Hugs
Angels Whisper In The Rain
Stargazer And A Bit O' Sunshine
I Am That Mother And Child
Daddy's Little Girl
Just for my son, Billy...June 2001 He Alone Can Calm Our Storm, My Son
I Will Never Leave Thee
Sister And Friend
Just for my friend Lloyd...7/21/01 Infinite Souls
911 Call Against Evil
Spooks On Parade
Just for my nephew, Charles...10/19/01 Oh No, You're A Teenager!
Love's Arrow
Hollowed-Out Pumpkin
Rose Of A Morning
Carousel Of Dreams
Dogwood Dreams
Decorate The Tree With Me
Song O' Sunny Sadness
Call O' The Castle
Reflections Of Life
Summer Shower
Comes The Dawn
Just for Cassidy...3/29/02 Rainbow Of Spring
4/1/02 After The Storm
4/13/02 I Just Cannot "Do" Mother's Day
4/22/02 A Bubble O' Make Believe
4/24/02 My Hand To You In Friendship
4/26/02 Lend Nature An Ear
4/28/02 Floral In Light
5/6/02 Bubble O' Oneness
5/8/02 Pretty In Pink?
5/11/02 Angels Of Care
5/14/02 These Things I Ask Of You
Dedicated to Mian...5/26/02 Old Man Winter
6/6/02 Buffalo O' The River Grand
6/2002 My Rock Of Gibraltar
6/2002 Garden O' Friendship
6/12/2002 Fly The Sky With The Fae


A Bit O' My Poetry

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Original Midi Composition Carefree Vacation by Geoff.