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Page & poem dedicated to Cheri...
You are an angel and a dear friend.
Thank you for always being there...
And for the crochet angels that you send.

Here's an angel just for you
She brings a bit o' sunshine, too
For regardless of the clouds in our sky
An angel is always there for you and I.

I have an angel, this I know
She's with me everywhere I go
Yours is with you, too, of this I'm sure
She does her duty with heart of gold so pure.

An angel knows when you're in need
And what upon your soul does feed
Now, she may not grant your every wish
But she knows what you must really accomplish.

This angel responds to your call
Hears the prayers of one and of all
She's there with you through thick and thin
So whisper softly and her presence you'll win.

Enjoy the angel by your side
Into your heart allow her to glide
Then watch the dark clouds in your sky
Away on the wings of a sunny angel they'll fly.

2002 Ruth Norman

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