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Soft and warm upon my petals
Nature sends a summer shower
For hidden here amid the nettles
Is a lone and gorgeous flower.

Sweet scent of a summer rain
In the air of which I breathe
Moisture in the chemical chain
Food to whit my roots do cleave.

Water joined with the summer sun
Add a dash of carbon dioxide too
Photosynthesis has now begun
Now I share my beauty with you.

A flower provides much needed food
For animals and humans alike
Received as a gift to end a brood
Keeps a lover from taking a hike.

When nature sends a gentle shower
Think not to run in search of cover
Imagine the flora drawing power
From whence the raindrops hover.

Gently falling upon soft petals
The gift of a warm summer shower
Present among a field of nettles
Is a flourishing garland flower.
2002 Ruth Norman

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Midi "Walking in the Rain" is
used with permission 
and is copyright 2001 
Bruce DeBoer

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