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Stargazer and A Bit O' Sunshine

In the year of our Lord 2001, on the 7th day of May,
On this, my friend, your own special day,
A bit o' my sunshine I send your way...


Stargazer and A Bit O' Sunshine

As you gaze upon a twinkling star
Seeking the knowledge of who you are,
Imagine a friendship of the heart
Separated by the sea, yet not apart.

In the twilight of the darkened eve
An angel summons you, believe!
As long as there is cyber mail
A distant greeting shall never fail.

We will always have the internet
The joyous land whereupon we met.
But in my dreams, oft' I fantasize
A physical union we'll someday realize.

Until that time is to be our season
We build our friendship on rhyme and reason.
In the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave
A dear place in my heart for the Down Under I save.

In celebration of the bond between you and I...
In your dawn the sun rises in the glowing sky,
In my dusk first star shall appear.
We rest assured the other is near.
2001 Ruth Norman

My dear Stargazer,
I've adopted this special angel just for you.
May she bring peace into all the days of your life.
Angel A Bit O' Sunshine

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