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Sisters can be a lot like bunnies.
You get one, two or maybe a few.
And life can be so filled with funnies.
Ha! I got just one and it was you!
(You are supposed to chuckle here!)

Oh, what better time than Sister Day
To think of our relationship
And remember every single way
We turn to each other in friendship.
(You know I need you dear!)

Regardless of whether you live near or far
I always know that on you I can count.
You would travel by railroad or plane or car,
Distance a problem with ease you surmount.
(You know I wish you were near!)

Always remember when we're apart,
As I reminisce with pleasure,
I hold you lovingly within my heart,
As you are the sister and friend I treasure.
(Call me, together we'll shed a tear!)

2001 Ruth Norman

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This poem written by request of cyber pal, Crys.
She needed a "Sister Day" poem.

Dedicated to my sister, Mary...
(Tis the reason for the chuckle!)
...for I have two other sisters, Debbie & Rhonda.

Original music composed by Tom Williams III
Copyright 1996-2000 Tom Williams III.
Used With Special Permission of the Composer.
Visitors: Do Not Remove This File From Its Current Location.
Contact Tom Williams III to learn conditions of use of his original music.