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With a splash of red
Upon my head
And a shawl of green
Befitting a queen
I look pretty in pink
Oh don't you think?

I wear trousers tan
Loose like a man
For falling in dirt
Limbs might get hurt
So protect them I do
Now wouldn't you?

In a bit of a breeze
I may cause a sneeze
And my ivy switches
May give you the itches
My digits are prickled
Aren't you just tickled?

I've got a secret for you
I taste like honey dew
With the scent of spice
I'm a tad naughty and nice
The sun kissed my cheek
You care to take a peek?

Now that you know me
Friend or foe that I can be
Would you tell me please
My vanity to appease
I look pretty in pink
Now don't you think?

2002 Ruth Norman

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Midi "New Places and New Friends" is
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Bruce DeBoer

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"Pretty in pink?" poem 2002 Ruth Norman