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Close your eyes and give ear to nature
Listen for the gentle-hearted mother's plea
Heed the call of the whimpering winds
As they drift in upon the waves of the sea.

Silence the drums to which you now dance
Bask in the warmth of the rays from on high
Feel the poundings of the heart of the earth
Galloping in upon the shadows of the sky.

Still the appetites of greedy humankind
Consider the loss of the flora and the fauna
Hearken to the cry of the wilderness afire
Spilling the guts of life into a shameful sauna.

Open your eyes and lend nature an ear
Embrace the flame of mother earth's desire
Dwell in peace and take joy in all of her creation
Swim along to the kingdom in a state of natural retire.

2002 Ruth Norman


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Midi "Shadows On The Moon" is
used with permission 
and is copyright 2001 
Bruce DeBoer