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Message To The World

911 Call Against Evil

An attack on life and liberty this day
Viciously aimed at the U S of A,
Fired into the hearts of the living free
It tainted the souls of you and of me.

Sorrow and fear and anger abound
Across the universe solace is found,
For evil touches the heart of us all
And Into its hand we refuse to fall.

Together we rise in the spirit of love
Sending our dead on the wings of a dove,
For one and for all we deeply grieve
Your departure not in vain we must believe.

United we stand, tall, courageous and proud
Throughout the world send a message so loud,
To evil straight from Satan so wrong
To hell and damnation where you belong!

2001 Ruth Norman

United We Stand

Rome, GEORGIA, proud to say USA!

Thank you!