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Infinite Souls was written for and dedicated to my niece,
Jeri Ann, on the day of her marriage to Justin.
August 25, 2001

You have joined together to live life as one.
As husband and wife your journey has begun.
The path you travel will wind through the years,
Fill your days with laughter, your souls with tears.

Cling to each other as though you are alone.
With each tiny imperfection be swift to atone.
For the parity of the union to be left unshaken,
One is in the wrong, the other is mistaken.

With a thin fragile thread your love is sewn.
Through wisdom and patience trust can be grown.
Respect for one another is a gift to treasure,
Deceit creates tension, purity brings pleasure.

There will be times when hearts are filled with sadness.
Turn then to each other for a feeling of gladness.
Savor each moment and memory along the way,
As forever is infinite, or it can be just a day.

You may become weary travelers on the highway of life.
So until death do you part be husband and wife.
This shall be your blessing as if sent from above,
Though it may seem a struggle, it is a life filled with love.

2001 Ruth Norman

A Bit O' My Poetry


Infinite Souls is the first in a series of many yet to come.
Poem and page sets are a joint union between two friends.

Deborah as Designer at ME 2001 Backgrounds
Ruthi as Poetess at A Bit O' My Poetry

"To Your Love"
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