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M'Lady Morgana...
The Merry Minstrels of Camelot Dreams
Wanted to do something special for thee
Perhaps for a moment cheer thee and thy family.
The words of merriment you'll find below it seems
Speak that which lies in all of our hearts
And the gift of merriment upon this page do impart
The friendship found in the Kingdom of Camelot Dreams.

cdmm Maid Margawse

The Merry Minstrels wish for you to know
How much we love you so.
As your heart aches, ours do, too
So sending some hugs with love to you.

cdmm Maid Mian

cdmm Angel Kel

For as long as your need is there
These gifts we merrily impart
You shall remain in our prayer
And deep within our heart.

M'Lady Unique, Manager

cdmm Heather Anne

cdmm Frost Maiden

We send thee Merry Minstrels love in hopes
That it shall somehow give thee peace.
May the light that shines down from above
Cause the pain within to wondrously cease.

Duchess Raphaeli, Asst. Manager

cdmm Lady Puggles

cdmm Michelle

cdmm M'Lady Sunshine

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The wondrous page set graphics
Created as a gift to M'Lady Morgana
By an anonymous member of Heart Creators

"Angel Song"
Midi provided by
Quiet Cove Music

Page poetry written just for you, Mary...God Bless.