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Hollowed-Out Pumpkin

When nights have cooled and leaves have fallen to the ground
Peculiar rituals etched in legend and lore abound
An age old tradition is carved upon a backdrop of tangerine
The annual celebration commonly known as Halloween.

The ancient story tells of the disembodied spirits of the dead
Mingling with the living and into their souls wrought-up with dread
This day of harmless worship of the demons now taints
All Hallows Eve was to be an observance in honor of the saints.

Amid souling pranks the ceremonial day now hauntingly hosts
Twilight costumed in the guise of witches, hobgoblins and ghosts
Believers often flee from the spectacle of evil practices and retreat
Escaping the custom of the beggars as they plead trick or treat.

From the rituals of a Celtic new year and autumn Medieval prayer
Evolves a festival drowned in folklore many choose to beware
From historic tales and practices an interpretation to glean
Hallowed holiday or simply a hollowed-out pumpkin of Halloween?

2001 Ruth Norman

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