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You have been my rock of Gibraltar
Since that day we knelt at the altar.
Throughout the seasons of our years
We've shared laughter along with tears.

Together we raised our family, you and I
Until out of our nest we'd watch them fly.
We struggled through the thick and the thin
Managing most often to do it with a grin.

Through many a trial and tribulation
I stood alongside you with admiration.
Standing rigid in the pouring rain
Bending only to raise each other up again.

Today we'll laugh and maybe shed a tear
As we rekindle memories of many a year.
We shall remember vows spoken at that altar
Leaning for a moment on our rock of Gibraltar.

2002 Ruth Norman

Dedicated To
My cyber pal CTherese's parents.
Written for the anniversary of their wedding.

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"My Rock Of Gibraltar" poem 2002 Ruth Norman