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Come this day and take a stroll in the parkland with me
Waltz arm in arm in a meander on the pathway in the garden
Together we'll sit 'neath the branches o' the dogwood tree
Share with one another the tales o' how our hearts do harden.

Join me for a saunter amid the shade o' blossoming beauty
Let nature cast a warm shadow oe'r the weight o' thy world
We'll toss into the hovering clouds our billowing sense o' duty
Allow ourselves to unite in harmony as heaviness is unfurled.

Link hands in a leisurely walk midst the fragrant flowers
Wander aimlessly throughout the greenery that surrounds us
We can bask in the brilliance o' bountiful shimmering showers
Release into the rays o' the sun all our fret and needless fuss.

Come along with me for a promenade in the village green
Amber among the awesome splendor spread out before thee
Together we'll partake o' the light-hearted air pure and pristine
Share with each other the freshness o' friendship that set us free.

2002 Ruth Norman

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Midi "Spring Rain"
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Bruce DeBoer

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"Garden O' Friendship" poem 2002 Ruth Norman