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As the garden rests in the darkness of the night
The flower bed is alit by the beam of moonlight.

The petals are drenched by the hour of the moon
Stars dance in delight, twinkling evening's tune.

Sleep my pretty blooms, loll in the calming twilight
Dream away day's worries, turn them over to the night.

As the moon drops down from the heavens above
Dawn rises in the sky as a fresh bouquet to love.

Standing tall and proud, stems reach to greet the light
The petals spread the message as they blossom bright.

Kissed by the sunlight the garden now joyously aglow
The flower bed is vibrant with a brand new day in tow.

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Midi "Spring Rain" is
used with permission 
and is copyright 2001 
Bruce DeBoer
All poetry & writings, photos, graphics & midis are copyrighted.
Please respect my wishes that they not be used...
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"Floral In Light" poem 2002 Ruth Norman