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Daddy's Little Girl
Poem dedicated to my Daddy...
Christ Jesus

Daddy's Little Girl
Alas, I was born to an unknown father on earth,
To a young unwed mother this child was born.
What made you leave me the day of my birth?
Is your heart, as mine, at least a bit forlorn?

Many an hour my heart searched the world over
Thinking thoughts of you with mixed emotion.
In my mind's eye I see a field full of clover
Daddy and daughter walk hand in hand in devotion.

I have often pondered how it would have felt
To be tucked in at night, secured by your touch.
Alas, this is not the hand in life I was dealt
Just the yearning of my heart, a fantasy of such.

Might you have been the world's greatest dad,
The weight of my world carried upon your shoulder?
Often I longed for the good times we could have had
Longings that grow weaker as I become much older.

I do want you to know I've known a father's love,
A love that no earthly daddy could give.
Bountiful blessings He sends from above
Deep in my heart this daddy does live.

The weight of my world upon His shoulders does rest.
My search for you will now pretty much cease.
In His everlasting arms my heart and soul do nest.
Daddy's little girl has found perfect peace.
2001 Ruth Norman

Happy Father's Day!
If you are the child with an unknown father,
I pray that you are
Blessed with the knowledge that Jesus loves you.

And if you are the father of an unknown child,
I pray that you are
Blessed with the knowledge that Jesus loves you, too.

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