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Call O' The Castle
Out o' the night comes the call o' the kingdom
A royal proclamation made in infinite wisdom
Here in the castle we're planning an evening ball
With love and friendship being the invitation call.

Friendship means a host of emotional things
To the sirs and m'ladies and queens and kings.
We laugh, we cry, we occasionally do battle
We love no matter the nerves that we prattle.

I partnered in to my total delight
With the leading lady a mairwen sprite.
Though she doesn't carry the title in hand
The kingdom has proclaimed her minstrel of the land.

Part of the pleasure of a mystical masquerade
Is the spirit in which one plays the charade.
Hidden behind a carefully selected mask of choice
Tis an easy thing to disguise the elements of voice.

Being and breathing the role one has chosen
Somewhere in time our roles are now frozen.
We dance in pomp 'n' circumstance with ease
Shrouded in secrecy but with eagerness to please.

Gallantly the steps are taken on the path that leads
To the joy at hand of fulfilling another one's needs.
Under the cloak o' time preparations have been made
To be certain the memories o' the ball shan't fade.

I trust that my partner has enjoyed each secret gift
Meant only as a token of love to give her a lift.
In this time when our world can be cruel and cold
Friendship should be savored like the beauty of gold.

Out o' the night comes a call from within our land
No longer an elusive entity we reach out our hand.
Here at the castle we've had an enjoyable ball
With friendship and love being extended to all.
2002 Ruth Norman

Dedicted To
M'Lady Cynthia

To all who dwell in the Kingdom of Camelot Dreams

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