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Carousel Of Dreams

Lost in a land of mystical dimension
Clandestine meeting of the mind in mirage
By night or by day an unwary excursion
Parading along in an endless barrage.

Engulfed in an ambiance of vigorous schemes
She strides upon the spirited carousel of dreams.

Afloat on a cloud of unconscious awareness
Hauntingly within the corners of incoherence.
Set upon a stage of maddening unfairness
Players invade by their sequence of appearance.

Masked among the ghostly regimes
She flies amid the lofty carousel of dreams.

Entranced by a calming sea of illusion
The dharmic path selected as journey of choice
No longer swayed nor dazzled by delusion
Heeding the guidance of a disembodied voice.

Stilling the manifestation of extremes
She conquers the lively carousel of dreams.

Apparition now reigned in proper perspective
Brings a day in celebration of unique and joyous birth
Gifts abound in a myriad of resplendent collective
Proclaiming the dominator of high value and worth.

Ablaze in melodious glory of fanciful beams
She rides upon the carousel of Camelot dreams.

2001 Ruth Norman
Dedicated to Patti aka M'Lady Unique
Happy Birthday my friend!

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Original Midi Composition "Cloud Dance" by Geoff.