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My son,
The last words you said to me,
I'm going to kill myself.
See ya in the next life."

Here are the words my heart speaks to you.

He Alone Can Calm Our Storm, My Son

Deep within brews a thunderous storm
Swelling like the waves in a stream.
Emotions withheld, a flood doth form,
Exposing a river of broken dreams.
Riverbanks rise, high above the norm,
Cresting as a wretched heart screams...

Return, my son, to the land of the living!
With each day arisen life begins anew.
Peace is granted to the heart of the giving
Ultimately oneís choices are few.

Mounting upon the waves of a storm so swift
A sea of tumultuous deeds.
Surging the path the waters do sift
Pounding upon a troubled soulís needs.
Raging, the river of feelings run adrift,
The floodgates of a mommaís heart pleads...

Kneel down, my son, to rise up above!
From the past you can easily depart.
Fly high in your heart on the wings of the Dove
Redemption He awaits to impart.

Beyond the eye of the storm of the past
Calm waters you shall tread once more.
Upward the sky shines clear at last
The stream you must travel is pure.
Reach high my son, eyes upon His mast,
Engulfed in His arms you shall endure.

©2001 Ruth Norman

It was nearly 3 months from the time of
William's phone call to the time I was told for certain that he is alive!
He has yet to contact me himself...
I wrote the poem above when I heard the news of his whereabouts.
(June, 2001)

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