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Straying from the buffalo band
Lost in a swirling storm o desert sand
I now sit alone alongside the river grand.

Amiss in breaking with the pack
Warmth o the fold is the feeling I lack
As the sun relentlessly beats upon my back.

Eagerly I await the familiar sound
Droplets o rain feeding the thirsty ground
When down to earth the monsoons do pound.

Hungrily I long for vast open fields
Grasses upon which to graze the rain yields
And what a powerful blow the weather wields.

Dreamily I stare at the desert sand
Yearning the thunder o the buffalo band
As I lie forlorn on the bank o the river grand.

2002 Ruth Norman

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Midi "Buffalo Dance" provided byGreywolfcub's World

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"Buffalo O' The River Grand" 2002 Ruth Norman