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Sail upon the sea o' life in a bubble o' make-believe
To a whimsical land created by the desires o' your mind.
Set sail to new horizons that only your soul can perceive
Dispelling the cautions and the fears known to all mankind.

Fly through the winds o' time on the wings o' pegasi
Into fleeting moments passing through the constellations.
Glide among the scattering o' stars in Omega centauri
Embracing views and ideas amid high-flying imaginations.

Float down the river o' life to the flute o' fresh melody
Where breath is blown to a succession o' notes in the air.
Stream along on the winding path o' musical fantasy
Hearing the sweet song o' the lark in harmonious bill o' fare.

Tarry within the gardens o 'paradise with the scent o' purity
A place o' bliss complete that's filled with delight and peace.
Envision an eden lost to the uninspired in the realm o' humanity
Strolling amid a utopia that for the bewitched shan't cease.

Dwell in a castle o' grandeur upon a glowing mountain o' gold
In a fanciful land hidden in the ancient walls o' fable and folklore.
Grasp the dreamlike fluff floating high in the sky for all to behold
Safekeeping in the nooks and crannies o' your mind the tales o' yore.

2002 Ruth Norman

Page & Poem Dedicated To...Fablers O' Fortune


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Used with his permission.