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Did you ever stop to think
Of what might happen to me
If you were no longer around?

Commit the time to cherish
The worthiness of the gifts
That in your life do abound!

Have you ever even thought
About what lies ahead for me
Without you in my world?

Take a moment from the day
To see what lay before you
As each morning is unfurled!

Have you taken into account
How the harm that you inflict
Upon yourself also hurts me?

Just for a second please think
About what you're about to do
And what the effects will be.

Do you even want to know
I have carefully thought about
These things I inquire of you?

Please make the effort to care
For the life you have been given
As much as I most surely do!

2002 Ruth Norman
Dedicated To
Those with loved ones...
...struggling with addiction of any kind.

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"These Things I Ask Of You" poem 2002 Ruth Norman