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"Listening to angels in the rain is an act of loving yourself."
~Louise L. Hay

Angels Whisper In The Rain

The breath of life is graciously
Given to us the day of our birth.
We're blessed with joy of family and friends
During our time spent here on Earth.

Life isn't always a garden of roses.
With fragileness of body and mind,
Invasions that wilt the spirit
And our hearts feel grief, we find.

For some a pain filled journey
Soon comes to a welcomed end.
For others time and healing prevail,
Body and soul are allowed to mend.

Praise the powers that be!
Thank goodness for the helping hand!
For I believe, just between you and me,
Into our lives an angel will land.

Maybe we'll be escorted home
Our spirit finally at rest
Could be we'll remain on earth
Day by day doing our best.

Either way, they'll always be that angel
Caring about us, sharing our grief.
Our angels all work on overtime
To bring us a bit of sunshine and relief.

So when your spirit has been tarnished
When you can no longer stand the pain
Of life and loss or the tragedy of sickness,
Pause, close your eyes, hear the whisper in the rain.
2001 Ruth Norman

Dedicated to angels among us...
Those who bring a bit o' sunshine into the lives of the broken spirit.


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