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I often find that when I feel low or worried
When my life seems to be hectic and hurried
If I spread a bit o'sunshine upon another
In warmth my heart quickly begins to smother.

I believe that when I show a stranger that I care
Or for a friend in need am assuredly there,
That when I send heartfelt blessings out as gold
The rewards I reap shall return to me tenfold.

Angels here upon the earth or angels from up above
Their cup runneth over with a wellspring of love.
All are familiar with the broken hearted feelings
That are often a result of life's day to day dealings.

You can find an angel that cares just about anywhere
At the mall, the beauty salon or even a country fair.
I've often played the role and I'm sure so have you
And we've all given angels plenty of work to do.

If you find yourself in need of an angel of care today
Know these are the words an angel awaits you to say,
"Come help me please, can you soothe my spirit?"
I promise you that an angel will most certainly hear it!

2002 Ruth Norman

Dedicated to Angels That Care

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"Angels Of Care" poem 2002 Ruth Norman